July 06, 2020

Start Your Own Business: Bamboo industry has better chance.

National Bamboo Mission.

In view of the increasing pollution and to avoid the danger of using plastic, the government had banned single use plastic. Since then, the business of bamboo industry has been growing rapidly. Many items made of bamboo are available in the market. Many of these items are used for decoration in the house and many items are used in the routine. Bamboo crockery is selling a lot. Apart from this, bamboo bottles, cup-plates are all being well liked by the people. If you also want to get involved in bamboo related business, then you will also get help from the government for this.

The Modi government is currently putting more emphasis on local. Due to which self employment opportunities are being obtained. The Modi government removed bamboo from the category of trees in the year 2018. Farmers can now easily cultivate bamboo without any interruption. The BambooTechnical Support Group (BTSG) has also been formed to provide technical support to the National Bamboo Mission.

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